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MCh. & WW´11 Kerrydom Court Justine (Jus) is:

On January 10, 2019, our dear Jus crossed the rainbow,  She left without telling us anything, we will not see her again.

When She came at home, She wanted to dominate all world… She was an excellent mother, She taught the puppies to be strong and fighters.

When We started to go shows with her, in her first show, in Gibraltar, She was BIS young and the second day, 2 BIS young.
She wasn´t many time in shows, but She was Spanish, France, Gibraltar, Luxembourg, International Champion and in 2011, She dominate the world… She was BEST OF BREED in the World Dog Show París, and We didn´t go to other show with her.
We have at home two excellent girls, her daughter Cora, and her grandaughter Enya.
At home, over the years, She went from being a bomb, to becoming a patient and peaceful Candy, an old Lady´s love who enjoyed her place of sofa and caresses.
Everything is learned and this is not an exception, tomorrow doesn´t exist, only now, We must not leave a Word, a Kiss, a caress. for tomorrow, because is posible that there isn´t tomorrow.
We love you Jus, we Will never forget you, We have broken our hearts.

Jr and Adult Gibraltar Champion, Spain Champion, International, Luxembourg, France and WORLD CHAMPION 2011!!!

Gibraltar Jr. Champion in her first show 2008!!!
Saturday: Judge Mr. Rony Doedijins (Netherlands)
Sunday: Judge Mr. Carl Gunner Starfherg (Sweden)
And also Gibraltar Champion 2009!!
Mrs. Catherine Lebret (Bulgaria) C.A.C.- C.A.C.I.B.- B.O.S.
Mr. Harry O´Donoghue (Irlanda) – C.A.C.-C.A.C.I.B.-B.O.B.

Some of her results:

  • Ch Junior de Gibraltar 2008
  • C.A.C.- B.O.S. National Zaragoza 2009 (Sp)
  • Ch. Gibraltar 2009
  • Exc.3ª – Dublín 2009: The Ulster Club Show
  • Exc.2ª – Dublín 2009: European Dog Show
  • C.A.C. – C.A.C.I.B. – B.O.B Pamplona 2009 (Sp)
  • C.A.C. – B.O.S. Badajoz 2009 (obligatory point Sp)
  • CH SPAIN 2009 ONLY 6 SHOWS!!!
  • C.A.C. – B.O.S. – Sintra (Portugal) – Monográfica Terrier 2009
  • C.A.C. – B.O.S. – Sintra (Portugal) – National 2009
  • B.O.B. – Burdeos (France) Obligatory point
  • C.A.C. – C.A.C.I.B. – B.O.S. – Zaragoza 2010 (Sp)
  • C.A.C. – C.A.C.I.B. – B.O.S. – Irún 2010 (Sp)
  • C.A.C. – C.A.C.I.B. – B.O.B. – B.O.G. – Talavera de La Reina 2010 (Sp)
  • C.A.C. – C.A.C.I.B. – B.O.B. – B.O.G. – Luxembourg 2010
  • C.A.C. – C.A.C.I.B. – B.O.S. – Pontoise (France)
  • C.A.C.-C.A.C.I.B.-B.O.B. – Burdeos 2011(France)
  • C.A.C.-B.O.S. – Paris 2011 (France)
  • B.O.B. – World Dog Show Paris 2011 (France) – WORLD WINNER!!!

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